The start date and time for the Overwatch 2 League Grand finals 2022 is today, and it will reveal a brand new OW2 Tank hero which leaks have already possibly revealed.

It’s been a turbulent launch for OW2 since its free-to-play release back in October. Its ranking system continues to confuse players, and the Halloween event skin prices were massively scrutinised by the community.

However, in better news, the Overwatch Grand League Finals is scheduled for today, and a brand-new character will be unveiled.

Overwatch 2 – Gameplay Trailer

Overwatch 2 – Gameplay Trailer

When does the Overwatch League Grand Finals 2022 start?

The date and time for when the Overwatch 2 League Grand Finals 2022 will start is 19:00 PT and 22:00 ET on November 4th, as well as 02:00 GMT on November 5th.

You will be able to watch it live on the game’s official channel at the above hours. In addition, the account has also revealed there will be an interview OW2 devs Alec Dawson and Dion Rogers.

Most importantly though is the reveal of a brand-new character that will become available with the in December.

New OW2 Tank hero leaks

Leaks suggest that the new Overwatch 2 Tank hero set to be revealed during the OW League Grand Finals is Mauga.

Blizzard has provided a teaser, but OW2Leaks4U on Reddit has explictly said it’s Mauga (via ). We know the forthcoming character is a Tank, and Blizzard’s has shared other details about Season 2:
  • New Tank Hero
  • New Map
  • New Skins
  • New Battle Passes
  • New Modes
  • PvE begins

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